Featured properties listed on this site are for competitive sale by the Philadelphia Land Bank (PLB),  City of Philadelphia (City), and Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA).  The City encourages development of reuse of vacant properties that are consistent with its comprehensive plan, Philadelphia 2035.  The City encourages bidders to refer to Policies for the Sale and Reuse of City-owned Property for guiding principles and sales process.

All property is offered “as-is” with no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the kind, character or quality.  Special provisions of the sale may apply, such as use restrictions, redevelopment agreements and/or completion deadlines. Terms are subject to change at the City’s sole discretion at any time.

Bids will be accepted unil the posted deadline.  The highest qualified bid will be accepted. Bidders must demonstrate the financial capacity to purchase and improve the property.  Bidders must be in good standing on all municipal obligations, must not have outstanding code violations, have not been an owner in a completed Philadelphia tax foreclosure proceeding within the last 5 years.

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