How to Submit a Bid

To submit a bid for a Featured Property, please submit the following items by the posted bid deadline.

  1. Executed bid-form
  2. tax-clearance-and-conflict-of-interest-form
  3. Documentation of Committed Funds
  4. Bank Statements, if individual
  5. Audited Financial Statement (Previous Fiscal Yr.), if business
  6. Interim Financial Statement for most recent quarter (Income & Balance Sheet), if business

Bidders must be in good standing on all municipal obligations, must not have outstanding code violations, has not been an owner in a completed Philadelphia tax foreclosure proceeding within the last 5 years, and does not appear as the owner of record on the Philadelphia District Attorney’s list of land that has been confiscated due to criminal activity.

Bid package will be not processed if not completed in its entirety.   Bids must be received by the posted deadline.  Late bids will not be considered.

All property will be sold “AS IS” and make no representation or warranty whatsoever express or implied, with respect to the quality, content, condition of the properties listed for sale on the Featured Property Listing.

Bidder acknowledges it has the power and authority to purchase the property.  Bidder is required to submit a ten (10%) percent deposit FOR ONLY Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority properties within five (5) business days of receiving written notification that bid has been accepted.

If you do not agree with these terms, do not submit a bid.

Be sure to visit the full listing of property inventory here.

The bid is not a legally binding document, but an invitation to submit on the terms and conditions described, shall not be under any obligation to a bidder unless and until Boards and City Council approve the Developer and the proposed development and the bidder enter into a legally binding agreement.  In no event shall the City be responsible for any costs, expenses and fees incurred by or on behalf of any developer in connection with bidding.  Each bidder shall be solely responsible for all such costs, expenses and fees.

The City reserves the right to modify the deadline and scope of this solicitation process and to reject, or not consider, all or part of any bids submitted at any time prior to the full execution of an agreement.  Further, after its review of proposals, City reserves the right to request additional or clarifying information from any or all of the bidders.