Getting to Settlement

Philly Landwork offers a variety of properties for sale through this website. All property is offered “As-Is,” with no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the kind, character or quality.

To submit an offer, you must demonstrate the financial capacity to purchase and improve the property. We encourage you to visit the property before submitting your offer.

Step 1 – Submit Offer

Complete a bid package by the posted deadline.  For details go to How to Submit a Bid.

Step 2 – Review of Offers

Bids will be accepted until the posted deadline. Timely and complete bids will be reviewed  and the highest qualified bid will be accepted.  If no bid is accepted, the property will be removed from the website and re-listed on PhillyLandWorks.

Step 3 – Selection & Due Diligence Period

The highest qualified bidder will be notified of selection in writing.  Bidder has five (5) business days upon notification to execute and deliver an executed redevelopment agreement, along with a ten (10%) percent deposit to Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority.    The selected bidder will have 45 days to submit the signed redevelopment agreement along with a project budget, a financing plan, and project plan documents in the form of architectural plans or a written description of the work to be completed. Staff will review these documents and approve if consistent with requirements.

The PRA Plan Review Requirements_Informational and Redeveloper Agreement_Informational, are included for informational purposes, and which you will be required to complete prior to settlement.

Step 4 – Schedule Property Settlement

Upon receipt of a signed agreement and 10% deposit of the purchase price, staff will seek approvals from the Board, the City Planning Commission, and City Council to proceed with property settlement. At settlement, you will be required to pay all costs associated with acquiring the property, including closing costs.  Also at settlement, the 10% deposit will be converted to a “security completion” deposit, which will be held until the project is successfully completed.

Step 5 – Certificate of Completion

After work has been completed and all terms of the agreement have been satisfied, staff will conduct a final inspection and issue a Certificate of Completion to clear title and return your 10% deposit. If commencement and completion of construction do not proceed along the timeline outlined in the agreement, you may receive a default notice and may seek to take back the property.